How are you today?

“Not too bad thank you”? So; not too good either.

You are probably one of many professionals globally who are somewhat stressed.

You are part of a significant silent majority who live with multiple symptoms of burnout, accepting them as “normal”, the price you must pay for success.

The overarching symptoms of burnout in working professionals are exhaustion and difficulty in coping with daily tasks.

Does your latest promotion put YOU at risk of burnout?

Graph depicting timeline from radiant to burnt out

What is Wrong?

Burnout is multi-faceted with a range of symptoms that negatively impact mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, performance and potential.

When you observe these behaviours in yourself or others, it is time to seek help.

 The following behaviours in particular are red flags:

  • telling yourself and others that “it will be alright when …”
  • persistent self-medication in the form of binge eating, drinking, and/or viewing
  • being emotionally unavailable to colleagues and loved ones
  • constant tiredness regardless of hours in bed
  • tantrums and tears
  • abandoning exercise
  • working weekends
  • becoming socially withdrawn
  • digestive and gut issues
  • recurring physical health issues (minor)

Burning Brightly or Burning Out?

Burnout can be triggered by particular circumstances such as


toxic boss

personal crisis


accumulation of stuff

A gradual erosion of joie de vivre over time, without noticing until one day you simply feel “stuck” or trapped. Despite career achievements, material success, and an enviable lifestyle, success sucks.

As a professional and corporate leader, you are no longer fit for purpose. And yet you are responsible for optimising the performance and talents of yourself and your team.

Consistent delivery for a professional requires skills in:

  • problem-solving
  • decision-making and risk management
  • a commitment to accountability, focus, flexibility and a growth mindset
  • consistent vision and purpose.

These fundamental skills are severely depleted in times of stress and burnout. Without resilience, you put yourself, your workplace, your organisation at risk.

How will you be tomorrow?

And the day after that?

It cannot continue this way. It need not be this way.

90 days to reverse burnout and banish it forever. Fast and effective.

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