Burnout – Work with me

Are you a working professional, experiencing exhaustion and struggling to cope with daily tasks?

Feeling stressed and frequently overwhelmed, do you fear that you are burning out?

Or, possibly you are already on sick leave with a diagnosis of burnout or stress, worrying about how you are going to recover and get back to work?

Wherever you are on the slippery slope to total burnout you know that rest alone is not the answer.

You want to go back to how you once were; enjoying and excelling in the high-powered job that you used to love. You simply cannot continue like this.

You require answers NOW.


I deliver a range of evidence-based, bespoke programmes to rapidly reverse the downward trajectory of burnout, plus a full recovery programme for the totally burnt out.

All programmes include Burnout Prevention – proven strategies to put an end to crash and burn for good.

Survivors of burnout do not simply bounce back, resuming their place on the onwards and upwards track to fulfilling career potential and aspirations.

For burnout survivors who do want to bounce back, I provide the tools, the strategies, and the know-how. Work junkies, I get you.

Start your Recovery Programme today.


You Today - Future Self


Exhaustion – mental, physical and emotional

Overwhelm – not enough hours in the day

Disturbed sleep

How am I doing?

Cannot switch off
Errors of judgment
Brain fog
Poor concentration
Working harder but achieving less

How am I feeling?

Emotional outbursts
Magical thinking – “it will be alright when…”
Imposter syndrome

What is wrong with me?

Health niggles
Aches and pains
Digestive issues
Skin complaints
Recurrent infections – coughs and colds
Heart palpitations

What is the point?

Feeling hopeless
Emotionally numb
Socially withdrawn


Vitality – abundant energy. End each day on a high.

Time mastery. Prioritise relationships, work and wellness. Schedule rest and recovery for brain and body.

Restorative sleep. Sleep habits to enhance cognition and creativity

Pace and plan for peak performance. Become a mental athlete for sustainable professional and personal best.

Calm and energised. Present. Consistency of moods and behaviours. Emotional connection. Not taking things personally. Joy in simple pleasures.

Health. A positive state of wellbeing. Bounce back from illness. Good habits to support self-care. Free of cravings and desire to self-medicate.

Purpose and passion reignited. Inspiring yourself and other people. Living your best life every single day.

Overwhelm – not enough hours in the day





Time mastery. Prioritise relationships, work and wellness. Schedule rest and recovery for brain and body.

8 conversations to go from burnout to radiant renewable energy

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