Meet Janey

CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS

Transformational Coach and Business Psychologist

I excel in restoring stressed professionals, people experiencing burn out, and the totally burnt out, to vitality. Clients learn simple effective tools and strategies for powering sustainable lives of passion and purpose, with clean renewable energy.

My unique blend of expertise as a health and business psychologist, and executive and life coach has helped numerous people, including c-suite executives across the globe and people from all walks of life, to overcome burnout.

Losing my spark, feeling tired all the time…

It’s just the way it is.

The price you pay for success.

No. Do not accept the constant weariness of chronic stress as a new “normal”. Burnout is not an inevitable consequence of life in the squeezed middle of a demanding job, raising a young family, and caring for aging relatives. Burnout is very common, at epidemic levels, but that does not make it okay


Survivors of Burnout

Burnout need not be terminal – although it often is; at least in terms of career progression.

I meet survivors settling for less – less challenge, money, status, power, achievement, excitement, and happiness; swopping dying of stress for dying of boredom.

Settling for lesser lives, far below the aspirations and talent that took them to burnout, they tell me they are fine. They are lying.

They literally light up when they talk about their glory days – that heady supercharged demanding fulfilling life before they crashed and burned.

I provide tools and strategies for burnout survivors who want to bounce back – higher, better, more resilient than ever.

Discover how to thrive after burnout.

Learn about the Burnout Recovery and Prevention Programme today.

Janey is my secret weapon! The tools she has given me are extraordinary. Her business acumen, her wide experience and knowledge of the global corporate world make her an outstanding international executive business coach

Sarah – Global HR Director
Janey Howl - face to camera

CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS

Transformational Coach and Business Psychologist



  • 5311 (and counting) inspirational coaching clients and their results
  • three decades of independent professional success; as business psychologist, coach, consultant, facilitator and associate of international business school
  • coaching diverse professionals from six continents and 68 countries
  • the design and delivery of unique programmes for recovery from, and prevention of, burnout;
  • programmes that integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines including psychology, leadership, metaphysics, neuroscience, horse whispering, mindfulness and bodywork,
  • reversing and preventing burnout in BAME health professionals during peak pandemic by gifting 93 coaching sessions
  • lifelong learner – three Masters Degrees in psychology, applied psychology and health psychology
  • being, in clients’ words, “compassionate, courageous, and inspirational”
  • keeping it simple – one choice at a time

This is your time

It doesn’t have to be how it is right now. We transform – choice by choice


From falling off a donkey on Blackpool Beach aged 6 to lying in the dust of Costa Rica: a journey of five thousand miles and more than half a lifetime. Thank you, Dorado, leader of the herd, for revealing the truth of power and of vulnerability.

Janey Howl yoga


Yoga retreat Jamaica. Just show up. Practice not perfection. No judgment. On the mat, I meet the resistance. And the resistance is me.


Of unconditional love and forgiveness. Fight, flight or freeze? Dog under attack, I froze. Forgive myself – ever? The solitary eye – a reminder that forgiveness is the bridge we have to cross to heal ourselves.

Janey Howl one eyed dog
Janey Howl - 20 ways to support through cancer


When love is not enough but it is all that we have. Life lessons from sharing a loved one’s cancer journey.


Changing how I feel. When there are no words……. When my heart is breaking…… Keep on pedalling. Going nowhere.

Janey Howl workout